Close All Public Libraries Now

18 01 2013

libraryI was driving around the other day and I saw the new public library in our neighborhood. I decided to enter the building and I was shocked to see what is happening to this country.

The library was full of parasitic, freedom hating people reading books and newspapers all on my tax payer dollars. This is just so wrong. If these people cannot afford to buy the paper or books, then they should not be reading. It’s plain and simple. There are certain people that just don’t deserve to read. And who decides what books are in the library. Probably a bunch of liberals that have no idea what freedom and democracy is all about.

On top of that, there is a huge section for children. They are trying to get children to read free books at the earliest possible age. The libraries are teaching our children to become lazy ingrates at the earliest possible age. These kids need to get a job, learn how to read, and then buy books when they have enough money to afford them. Instead they are reading books paid by my tax dollars for free. Get a job you ingrate kids.

Here’s tbe worst part of all. The library has lots and lots of computers connected to the internet. All you need is a free library card, and you have full access the library’s computers. This is communism at the worst, and just furthers the democrap nanny state. They want the sheeple to use the library computers and forever be dependent on the government. Then they will take away our guns and kill all of us. It’s a slippery slope.

If people want to access the internet, then they need to buy a computer and then purchase an internet plan. If they cannot afford a computer or an internet plan, then no internet. It is that simple. I don’t want my tax dollars paying for lazy people that can’t even afford to pay for their own computers.

Libraries are the way that goverments control the people. We should eliminate all libraries in our nation. I am OK if there are private libraries where people pay to enter. Or perhaps there can be a charity where people share books, but tax payer money should never pay for red commie activities like libraries.


Liberals Are Lousy Parents

12 06 2010

If you have not been following the news, 16 year girl, Abby Sunderland, was rescued in the middle of the Indian Ocean in a failed attempt to become the youngest person to sail around the world. Her parents, Mister and Missus Sunderland, have confirmed that Abby is indeed safe and sound.

This entire episode confirms what many of us have known all along. Liberals make lousy parents. Study after study have shown conslusively that the only way to properly raise children is in a conservative values based household. Children raised in liberal households are doomed to lives of hate, poverty and misery. Conservative children, on the other hand, grow up to be honest, hard working, independent pillars of society. Don’t take my word for this, just look it up the studies themselves. It’s all there in black and white.

The problem in this episode is not the rambunctious Abby Sunderland, but of course her parents. They allowed her and probably worse yet, encouraged her to sail around the world. Their child is now scarred for life. They say she is fine but this is just a cover up by the liberal media. Abby Sunderland cannot sleep at night without waking up in a cold sweat with recurring nightmares. During Abby’s waking hours, her thoughts alternate between suicide and bulemia. Suffice it to say, that Abby will never live a normal life nor be a productive member of society.

But that’s the good news. Abby could be dead right now due to irresponsible parenting. Dead as a door nail. If she were dead, they would have no one to blame but themselves. The problem is that they allowed their daughter to sail around the world.

But that one thought got Redneck Republican thinking. But who allowed the liberal parents to exist in the first place? The answer is us conservatives. We are allowing the liberals to be bad parents. If this is the case, do we conservatives also play a role in the tragic story of Abby Sunderland? Will there ever be a time that we conservatives put our foot down against the liberals that our destroying American households and the fabric of our society? Redneck Republican believes the answer is a strong and solid YES.

How do we attack this problem head on? The issue of course is that liberals do not know they are lousy parents. In fact, the opposite is true, they think they are doing a good job. They are clueless on how to raise their own children. Charges should be drawn up against the Sunderlands, and the justice department should throw the book at them. This is just not about the government protecting their daughter, Abby. This is about the future of humanity. Liberals need to learn a lesson when it comes to their children. In the case of the Sunderlands, Redneck Republican thinks they should get life in prison. They should be happy that they don’t get the death penalty because some on the far right are pushing for that. Abby should be put in a good conservative foster home until she turns 18, and then probably she should go to a psychological home where her mental condition will torture her until she finally takes her life. But this isn’t about Abby, her life is doomed any way. This is sending a message that we as a society will not tolerate future Abby’s.

When you look at all the drug addicts on the streets. When you look at rapists and murderers in prison. When you look at the beggars and homeless people on the streets. What do they all have in common? There were all raised in liberal households. That’s right we can end murder, poverty, famine, and homelessness in our life times and it all starts with throwing the Sunderlands in jail. And then throwing away the key.

Sex Republican Style

16 01 2010

America is a country based on solid Christian values that will endure forever. The problem is that Democratic politicians are hypocrites that do not live up to the ideals of our founding fathers, particularly in regards to sex. Let’s not forget that John Edwards cheated on his wife and Bill Clinton had sex with an intern in the White House. Liberals are unable to understand inherently the key values of sex that we Republicans understand. That’s why I am writing this – Sex Republican Style.

There is one underlying tenant of sex handed down from the Lord above. Sex is intended strictly for purposes of procreation in a committed relationship. This is written in the Constitution, the Bible and all over the internet. It is one of the fundamental truths of life and liberals are the hypocrites that never follow the basics of life. Once one accepts this basic fact, it makes lawmaking a lot easier. Let’s start sorting it out.

Gay marriage is wrong. Gay people are unable to reproduce, and therefore should not be allowed to marry. How hard is that to understand? God has spoken. If God had wanted gay people to be married, then they would be able to reproduce. QED.

Post menopause women should not be allowed to marry. Once a women reaches the point where she no longer can reproduce, then it is time to put her out to pasture. If she is already married, then the male should be free to enter another marriage with another woman that can reproduce. Again, God has spoken. Males can reproduce until death, but females no. Don’t shoot the messenger here. I’m not making the rules, just interpreting from the Holy Bible itself.

Vasectomies and hysterectomies should be illegal. The only point behinds these horrible procedures to have sex WITHOUT procreating. In the Republican world, the doctors performing these procedures are worse than the abortion doctors. Think about how many lives we can save if we outlaw these horrible procedures.

Liberals are not going to like this, but tough. Female orgasms are meaningless since they play no role in the reproductive process. God has spoken. Male orgasms and female eggs are all that matter. We, Republicans, are OK with female orgasms, but let’s be clear. It is not the point of sex, it is at best a by product. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, liberals.

Wrapping up on the obvious. Teen age sex, extra marital sex, and pornography are all illegal. None of these have anything do to with procreation. The worse of course is pornography since people are having sex to make money rather than have babies. Pornography could only be considered legal if the event produced a child.

To be honest, Republicans are sick of the liberal, old fashioned and archaic interpretation of sex. It is time we updated our collective thinking to the progressive Republican agenda. Happy procreating!

The Problem with Liberals

15 11 2009

If I were to name the largest problem with liberals is that they can not see their own flaws. If they can not see their flaws, then they have zero chance of fixing them. This, my friends, is the problem with America. Liberals have no ability to improve and help our country.

So it is my sincere hope that every liberal in the country will read this blog so that they can improve and finally liberals and conservatives can work hand in hand to make the great country our Founding Fathers had intended.

Liberals are gullible. Liberals are being led around by the nose by the liberal media. Take global warming as an example. Liberals want to believe all of these liberal chicken-little scientists that the earth is warming. The reality is that we are just going through a little hot spell, and they are using that as a trick to have the government control our lives.

Liberals are naive. Remember when Saddam Hussein told the UN that he had no weapons of mass destruction? The liberals and the idiot United Nations wanted to do give Hussein the benefit of the doubt and do an inspection. Saddam Hussein was a liar and an evil man and we needed to take him out whether he had WMD or not. Believing anything other than that is naive.

Liberals are weak. One of the first things our idiot Communist president, Barry Obama, did was close down Guantanomo where we were torturing some of the most evil enemies of our great nation. Liberals are against torture because they are weak. For America to succeed in the war against terror, we must torture MORE not less. We should be opening up a chain of Guantanomo prisons throughout the world. Only then will the world realize how strong we are as a nation.

Liberals are no fun. Liberals like to point at Abu Ghraib as American foreign policy gone bad. In fact, it is the opposite. During George W Bush’s term, America had the best foreign policy in the history of time. Abu Ghraib was just a few of the youngsters having a little fun at the expense of the evil Muslims. Liberals definitely need to lighten up a bit.

Liberals are going to hell. This is a key and critical point. Not all liberals are going to hell, but a lot of them are. The reason is that God is a Republican. God wants liberals to fail but he also gave humans free will because he wants all humanity to choose Republican. The ramifications are dire because heaven is full of Republicans and HELL has a lot of Democrats. Liberals need to get their heart right with God.

Liberals are bad with money. The reason that we are in the current economic crisis is 100% because of liberals. Of course, liberals are doing everything in their power to escape blame by blaming tons of innocent people. They want to blame the Fed for printing too much money. Then on top of that, they blame Bush for entering a costly war with no exit. Can you believe it? They think that Bush was not frugal. The reality is that liberals need to own up for creating this crisis so we can move on.

Liberals hate our military. This one makes me a little perturbed. We owe our freedom and the best quality of life on the planet to our military. It is the ultimate in disrespect. This is also related to why liberals are so weak.

Liberals hate freedom. Liberals want all of us to be slaves to a Orwellian Big Brother government. The government tells us what to do, and we just nod our head like puppy dogs. Liberals are submissive, and conservatives love freedom.

Conclusion. There is more, but liberals should start working on improving themselves as people. It is not only important for themselves but for the nation as a whole. Rush Limbaugh (another one of the great ones) has it right. We are in a battle between good and evil. Right now, Satan is winning and the hateful racist non America Barry Obama is president. For America to succeed Obama must fail. We must unite as a nation again the evil that Obama represents. Liberals repent.

Obama Hates America

3 10 2009

I admire Glen Beck with every fiber of my being for going on national television and calling the president a racist with a deep seated hatred toward white people. Beck is so right, but the only problem is that he doesn’t go far enough. Obama hates Americans, and the country we live in. Hate is too soft a word. Obama loathes each and every citizen with a hate that few people can comprehend. The man is full of hate.

There have been blogs that compare Obama to Hitler, but that is going easy on Hitler. Hitler at least was doing what he felt, however misguided, was in the best interest of the German people. Obama is doing the opposite. He wishes only harm and misery on the American people. That is his goal, and we are seeing his hateful scheme unfold before our very eyes.

Obama’s plan is to create a humongous socialist government. Each and every American will become wholly dependent on Obama’s Big Brother, Orwellian government. Only Obama will decide who will be happy and sad. Only Obama will determine who will be successful and who will fail. All the power will go into his hands. Of course, one element of this evil plan is universal health care. Like Sarah Palin said, there will be death panels that determine who will live and who will die. And die we will. Mainly white people. Same as the Jews during Hitler’s regime, but instead of gas chambers, Obama will use universal health care.

When one thinks of the most evil people in the history of the world, Obama tops them all. On 9/11/2001, Osama Bin Laden killed brazenly 3000 innocent Americans. Obama wants to kill a lot more than 3000. I am thinking that he wants to wantonly kill 30 million Americans during his 4 years in office. If you are white, intelligent and watch Fox News, you are clearly in his target. Why? Because Obama realizes that a small but growing portion of Americans are discovering the reality of his hate filled agenda. I realize that coming public with this exposee that I am personally putting my life at risk.

I am making all of this public to stop this monster before it is too late. This is not partisan politics. This is not Republican or Democrat. This is a fight for our very lives. Obama wants to murder you and me! In cold blood. I am sure that the Founding Fathers never anticipated that the American people would democratically elect someone so inherently evil. Someone that only wants tyranny and suffering for the American people. Obama is clearly outside the scope of the Constitution, and therefore, so should we. We need to stop this evil dictator before he kills us all. Please join me in unshackling the chains of tyranny, and liberate our great country once again.

End Socialism Now

7 09 2009

Now that the Savior, Barack Hussein Obama, has been exposed as a fraud, that is a non American Communist, the time is ripe to get the country back on track. Here is my humble plan to end socialism in America once and for all. No longer will a disgusting Communist like Obama be able to grace the most important job in the land.

Here’s the plan to get the country back on track.

End Medicaid, Medicare and the VA. This was a liberal plan to simply redistribute wealth from the rich to the needy. These plans are both expensive and unsustainable and the time is now to cut the plug. If you are elderly or a veteran, then you are on your own. If you have enough wealth, then go get your own health plan. However if you cannot afford a health plan, then consider yourself a leach on society. You are dragging down this great country.

End Public Schools. Obama just got on television and delivered a message to all the children in public schools in the nation. How wrong is that? The president has no business talking to our children. All he wants to do is spread his liberal agenda to their innocent minds. There is only one solution to all of this. All children should be home schooled. Also the wealthy can send their children to expensive private schools, but the inexpensive public schools are just a burden on society.

End Unemployment Insurance. Unemployment insurance is just wrong. It is redistribution of wealth in its purest form. I am supposed to give my hard earned tax money to some retard that can’t even hold a job? Give me a break. They can always get a job at McDonald’s or picking up the trash. This is just a way of rewarding laziness, and it needs to come to a full stop, now!

Private Roads. Where in the constitution does it say that our government is responsible for creating roads? No where. All roads should be private, and the better road the more it should cost. There are plenty of poor people that may not be able to afford to travel on the better roads, and I have one response. Tough crap! Now that you don’t have unemployment insurance, maybe you will have more motivation to finally get a job.

End Air Traffic Control. Do we really need our government controlling our air ways? The entire system is probably corrupt, and should be eliminated. Liberals will argue that air traffic control makes air travel safer. How stupid! All it does it drives up the cost. We need to make air travel more affordable and the first step is eliminating air traffic control.

Burn Down All The Libraries. I know one thing for sure. Libraries would not exist if not for liberals. Now that Obama’s approval ratings are falling off a cliff, let’s get rid of one of the bastions of liberalism, libraries. That will show them. If people want to read, then they can buy their own books. Why can’t liberals understand that simple fact?

No More Taxes. The beautiful part of my plan is that we no longer need to pay taxes. Even some good conservative people like to read a good book once in a while, but is it really worth our freedom? I for one am going to stop paying taxes immediately and then hopefully the Chosen One, Barack Hussein Obama, will follow my simple plan to eliminate socialism in our lifetime. I encourage all my readers to stop paying taxes as a protest to socialism.

Thanks for listening.

Obama Is Not An American

26 07 2009

Despite the demands of America, the best Obama can produce is a fake birth certificate from Hawaii. Obama has duped America into believing his unAmerican gibberish and now we are paying the consequences. Liberals say that Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate and the state of Hawaii eliminated the storage of physical birth certficates to enter the electronic age. Next, they point to old copies of the newspapers with Obama’s birth announcement. HAHAHA!

I don’t know what color the sky is in the liberal’s world, but here in the United States, we need the original birth certificate, NOT an electronic copy. Furthermore, some easily doctored newspaper copies is not going to do the trick. We are being reasonable here, and it just proves that Obama has something to hide. Just like that other liberal, Clinton, Obama has a dark dirty secret.

For this one reason, we should not accept Obama as president. I do not want a Muslim from Kenya representing me! Get real.

But Obama has a lot more explaining to do. Sarah Palin has made it clear that Obama is a terrorist. He is talking to the country’s gravest of enemies every day, helping them plan the America’s demise and downfall. Our enemy is evil and so is Obama.

Obama has already broken the public trust with the birth certificate controversy, and we are not going to give him another chance. Obama needs to turn over all of his phone records and email records for the last 30 years. If there is any whiff or trace of anything related to terrorism, then he is gone baby. Every detail of Obama’s life must be made painfully public until we can find the link between Obama and the terrorist network. Now that the birth certificate charade has been uncovered, the burden of proof is on Obama to prove to the nation that he is not a terrorist.

Obama is a charlatan that has perpetrated one of the greatest frauds ever committed on the American people. He has robbed the country of its vision but also the hope that we have for the future and that of our children. Worse yet, Obama is the sworn enemy of American values. Obama is a foreigner liar and as defined in the Constitution unsuitable for the President of the United States.

Global Warming is a Sham

2 05 2009

Now that the “Chosen One” is President of our great land, there is a lot of liberal babble about global warming. It is unbelievable how a progressive country such as the United States can go backwards so quickly. Here at Redneck Republican, it is time to debunk the liberals about global warming.

There is no such thing as global warming. Sometimes the earth gets warmer and sometimes the earth gets colder. That’s all that is going on here. We are just going through a little warm patch now, but very quickly, the earth will turn cold again. I am no scientist but it will happen in the next 10-20 years. When the earth begins to turn cold again, that will shut up all this retarded talk about global warming.

Unfortunately, until then and now, we have to listen to their liberal, the-sky-is-falling ramblings. It makes my head hurt to hear them talk. Here are some of their incredibly weak arguments.

Scientists. All of scientists agree that the earth is warming and it is caused by the increased carbons released by industrial nations. That’s the problem to start with. These opinions are coming from scientists. Why should we believe scientists on anything? After all, they are the ones that came up with the theory of evolution for God sake. If anyone had any brain, they would simply ignore everything that a scientist has to say. Would you talk to a lawyer about a medical problem? Of course not. Then why would one talk to a scientist about global warming?

Kyoto Treaty. Liberals next trot out the Kyoto Treaty. 185 countries have signed a worldwide accord to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The United States is one of only 2 countries that have not signed the treaty. Liberals feel that as citizens of the world, we should join hands with the other residents of the world in which we live. This is all wrong. All this proves is that the world is full of liberals that do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The rest of the world should be worried about eternity in hell, and not about a little heat here on earth.

Yes, the liberals are all wrong about the facts on global warming, but there is one over powering reason why we should reject global warming. It’s a sham. They made it all of it up. They are trying to work the world into a frenzy about something that doesn’t exist. Why? The answer is simple – control. This is the first step to big government that controls every aspect of our lives. Soon we will all be slaves to the master government, all in the name of global warming. We at Redneck Republican do not want to be a slave to anyone. We want to be free, and therefore, the only intelligent and enlightened choice is to fight global warming with every fiber in our beings.

Torture is Good and American

21 03 2009

Obama is slowing undoing all the incredible good and religious work of the greatest president of all time, George W Bush. Unbelievable as it sounds, he is undoing Guantanomo Bay, probably one of the greatest landmarks outside of the statue of liberty. When I hear the words Guantanomo Bay, it gets me all bubbly inside. It makes me feel so patriotic to think of all the Muslims we got locked up in our secret hide away. Now, Obama, a closet Muslim himself, is undoing it.

This is so wrong and unAmerican, that it’s almost grounds for impeachment. Guantanomo Bay is symbol of all things good and decent about our country. Just as American as hot dogs, baseball and apple pie. Just like all things good and important, it was not easy to setup the Guantanomo shrine of freedom. Bush had vehement opposition from the liberal media and the liberal democrats. Even more cumbersome, were all the liberal lawyers fighting Gitmo with the Constitution. Worse yet, the liberal international community were all up in arms spouting junk about the Geneva Convention, and the suspension of Habeus Corpus. Despite all of that, Bush got it done. Only a true conservative like Bush would persevere to setup the 9th greatest wonder of the world.

The liberal arguments against Gitmo are just stubborn idealism. They say that violating the Geneva Convention puts American soldiers at greater risk. They say that tortured confessions are quite often meaningless. Lastly, the liberal blow holes say that the torture itself disqualifies us from bringing the perpetrators to justice in a court of law. It makes me laugh to hear their weak arguments.

There is one over powering argument that shuts up their liberal pie holes. There has not been another 9/11 since 9/11. The reason is simple – torture. Since we began torturing people, the world is a brighter and safer place. The more we torture, the safer we are. This is the problem with Obama, he cannot understand the basic relationship between our safety and torture. We should not be closing Guantanomo, we should be opening up more. If we ratchet up the torture, not only can we keep Americans safe, but we can keep the whole world safe.

But there’s more. Because of all the liberal crap, we have been restricted on our torture to basic things like waterboarding. We are capable of much more complex methods of torture, and we should do all of them. Let’s open up the flood gates. We should be cutting people’s fingers and genitals. How about some bamboo under your fingernail, Sayid? Remember the stretch machine from medieval times? Let’s bring it back with a modern twist. Everything is fair game, in my view, to keep the world safe.

So we are keeping the world safe, but there is another argument for torture. All of these people are going to hell because they have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So torture is going to be a picnic for them compared to eternity in hell. Once they get a taste of hell, they are going to be longing for a simple waterboard. Heheh. So if God is going to be torturing these towel heads, why can’t we get in on the fun?

There I said it. Yes, it is fun getting revenge on the camel jockeys, plus we are safer to boot. Americans, the choice is simple. If you love your way of life, then you support torture too. Torture is as American as apple pie.

God is a Republican

1 03 2009

godToday is probably the most important blog that I have ever written, because I have some huge news. God is a Republican. He loves all Republicans, and he is ashamed of his children that choose to be Democrats. One day, God wants everyone to be Republicans. Not just, Americans, but one day, the entire world will be Republican. That’s God’s plan, and you can read it in the Bible. Liberals will say that is just my interpretation of the Bible, and others can choose to interpret the Bible in other ways.

That is the entire flaw with liberals and the rest of the world, they want to choose. God does not want people to choose, He wants everyone to be Republican. Liberals say that God gives us free will, but that is only true to a point. Free will is only valid in God’s eyes if one chooses to be Republican.

Now here is the big news. There is only one way to get to heaven, and that is to vote Republican. Straight ticket. You don’t need to vote every year. I propose that they create a ballot called Republican for Life. Once the special ballot is signed, your vote will automatically be registered to whoever the candidate is for God’s Republican Party. This is the free will that God wants for us.

Liberals are going to disagree. They will claim that the only way to heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. That was once true, but not any more. Liberals can be so old fashioned and against progress. The new way to heaven is to vote Republican. Like I said, I read it in the Bible.

We already know that there are not any Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims, and any other non Christian religion in heaven. The residents of heaven are 100% Christian. So is it so far a stretch to believe that Christian Democrats will spend eternity burning in hell with the Buddhists and Muslims? God is rather particular with whom He plans to spend eternity. Look it up in the Bible yourself.

What’s more important, our short time on earth, or eternity? The answer is eternity. So if you don’t want to spend eternity burning with gnashing teeth, people need to wise up and vote Republican. Then and only then, will God let you into his kingdom.

The problem with liberals is that they think too much. They also talk too much but that is another subject. People need to stop thinking and start believing. Faith is the most powerful force in the world, and it is the only hope to combat all the liberal logic. We need to believe in God and his chosen party. I am now one of the Republican faithful that will change the world for eternity. Then and only then, will God allow us to have heaven on earth. Like I said, I read it in the Bible. Redneck Republican is now a Republican for Life. See you in heaven my fellow Republicans.