Liberals Are Destroying This Country

23 12 2007

Welcome to my site, Redneck Republican. The reason that I am taking the time to make this site is because I am sick of the liberal media advancing their liberal agenda. Folks, it is killing our country.

I and a handful of us intellectual Republicans can see through their liberal prose, and see the imminent destruction of our country. But I worry greatly, because most Americans are not nearly as smart as the average Republican, and are being influenced by the crap being spewed by the liberal media.

Let’s face the fact that there is a war going on out there. And we are winning the war. But the liberal media wants to hide this simple fact from the voting public. The tiny things that drive sound bites. Do they focus on the good? Babies are being born, and during the day, you can see butterflies flying near flowers in the center of Baghdad. Plus, people are still having sex and procreating. But the liberal media only wants to talk about the negative in Iraq – suicide bombers, American troop casualties, no electricity, rampant grift, sectarian violence, Al Qaeda sleeper cells. Geez. Yes, you can focus on the negative, but I prefer to remember the butterflies, and the smile of a newly born child. But that’s just me.

Aside from the depressing news being spewed from their liberal pie holes, I’ve got another beef. All this bad news is emboldening the terrorists. If the media began focusing on butterflies and babies, the terrorists would have no choice but to begin the process of unemboldenment. Take that liberals, I just invented my own word!

But seriously, the troops got hard enough a job without the liberal media distorting the truth related to our victory in Iraq. We are winning the war in Iraq and our troops would be home right now if it were not for the liberal media.

Now I got some bad news. The problem with the liberal media does not end with 60 Minutes, New York Times, and the Washington Post. In fact, it begins there. The root of liberalism is not the media, it is the universities and their liberal agenda.

Folks, it’s time for some serious talk. We are fighting a global war on terror, and the liberal media and the universities are aiding the enemy through emboldenment. The problem are not the terrorists. We can take care of them. To win this war, we need help fighting the real enemy – liberals. Remember, the friend of my enemy is my ENEMY.

So if you know someone that works in a university, treat them as the enemy. If we start to disrespect and loathe the American education process, we can win the global war on terror. People, every little bit helps. If you know where a college professor lives, or where students congregate, then we should work together to destroy these establishments. I am not advocating destroying all universities, we just need to send a simple message. That we are serious about winning the global war on terror. If we can just destroy a few of their homes, then the rest of them will get the message.

Thanks for reading my blog.



One response

14 06 2015
Paul Meyer

Is your posting satire? Or are you the vanguard of the National Socialist movement of 1929 Germany being resurrected in the USA? There may be some differences, though:.
(1) Instead of Jews, Gypsies, etc. being rounded up for extermination, it will be anyone for whom there is a public record of ever having been identified with a liberal cause. Also, most people with college degrees, and all atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and other non-Christians will end up in mass graves.
(2) Universities will be limited to providing education for those majoring in business, chemistry, geology, fundamentalist Christian theology, and engineering. All education at every level privatized, and run by for-profit corporations.
(3) Any action or speech that can be identified as potentially decreasing a corporation’s future profits will be a felony punishable by incarceration in a for-profit prison making their $ from slave labor plus all the miscreant’s assets given to the aggrieved corporation. Corporal punishment to be liberally imposed for not seeming to work hard enough in these prisons.
(4) Open carry and stand-your-ground laws applied nationwide, allowing gun toting patriots to gun down the poor, anyone setting one foot on their property, and homeless at will. To be absolved of legal responsibility, all they have to do is say they felt threatened by the other person’s presence.
(5) Homelessness is criminalized. Homeless that avoid being gunned down to be remanded to live their lives as slave laborers in a for-profit prison.
(6) Immediately end all social services, and deny those laid off unemployment insurance. End that program, too..
(7) No more free internet, use of roads, bridges, sidewalks or parks. Give them to corporations to be free to make a profit off of.
(8) Immediately shut down the SSA and immediately lay off all their workers. Refund the SS trust fund proportionately to those based on their likelihood to invest it. This to be based on a persons income from interest, dividends, and capital gains for the last 5 years as a proportion of total national income from these sources in this time.
(9) Make banks and corporations beholden to no rules or regulations at all whatsoever. No rules against theft and fraud by corporations. No citizen will be able to sue them or an employer for any reason at all, whatsoever, regardless of how negligent or wantonly malicious the job creators may have been.
(10) Total freedom. Anyone can do whatever they want, regardless of how it affects others or the world, providing they are strong enough to not have their actions limited by others.
(11) Any governing body must have their policies, or changes therein personally approved by David of Charles Koch, or their designated representative.
(12) Privatize all water. 2 tier system. Untreated polluted water will be relatively inexpensive. Clean water will only be for those who can afford it.
(13)Eliminate the minimum wage, OT pay, and all job benefits. Allow any kids old enough to be strong enough to do that work to work up to 18 hrs/day 7 days/wk with no days off, ever.
(14)No recourse for anyone who gets a disabling injury on the job, no matter who is at fault. Begging is forbidden in all instances.
(15)Put all charities out of business.
(16)Ban all renewable energy, recycling, and environmental regulation.
(17)Shut down government. No tax collection. Legislators to be corporate employees on their payroll.
(18)The military to be supported by a VAT on consumption, and a portion of the proceeds from natural resources in other countries secured by military operations. The military is run by and only beholden to corporations.
(19)Greatly expanded summary capital punishment for anyone expressing issues with the policies enumerated above. It is the perception of the job creators, not what the defendant can demonstrate that will determine guilt.

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