American Values Going Down the Toilet

26 01 2008

toiletThis is by far the most important presidential election of my life time. The reason is American values are under attack. And not just a little bit, but a lot. A quick history lesson. American values hit an all time low when Bill Clinton was the president of this great country. Let’s remember that Bill Clinton had sex in the White House. I’ll say it again. BILL CLINTON HAD SEX IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Liberals will argue that Clinton balanced the budget, and improved the economy, but that all is irrelevant. The reason is that the values of the country went into the toilet. Once Clinton took office, rape, incest, and other vile and disgusting acts spiked sharply. The divorce rate has gone up 1000% during Clinton’s period in office.

Thank the Lord Almighty. In 2000, America voted George W Bush, a man of tremendous character and values, into office. Almost like a miracle, America changed into a good and virtuous country. The divorce rate during Bush’s tenor was almost non existent. It makes so much sense, in a country of values, people will work out their problems. More importantly, gay people began to flock toward a heterosexual lifestyle. Please note. These incredible accomplishments are not related to anything Saint Bush did, it was his mere existence in office that produced these incredible results.

Which brings us to the 2008 election – the most important election of our life time. Liberals are trying to make this election about the war in Iraq, a broken healthcare system, humongous fiscal deficits, illegal immigration, a limping economy, and a bunch of bullfeathers. Don’t fall into their liberal trap! After all, what good is a job without values? What is a health plan without values? What good is money without values? We need a person of values in office like Bush Jr. If not, almost overnight, the country will fall into a virtual hell of filth and hedonism.

We’ve all had to use public rest rooms before. Have you ever gone into a stall and the prior person had made nasty bowel movement? Worse yet, they did not FLUSH. You are staring down at the disgusting feces of another person. The feeling in your stomach is visceral and nauseous. People! That is the future of a country without values. Do we want that for America? Of course not, we want a clean and pure America. This election is so important. Don’t fall for their liberal traps about the economy, the Iraqi war, and health care. Liberals have no values, and if we listen to them we are literally flushing the future of the country down the toilet.



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