Getting Stem Cell Research Right

3 02 2008

microscopeThis is going to be an easy blog, and even the liberals will find it hard to disagree with the logic. This topic has to do with science, innovation and invention. And who is responsible for this? Scientists. Duh! And where do scientists come from? Universities. No liberal arguments yet. So far we’re all in agreement, right?

But here’s where the bickering will begin. Universities are the hot bed of liberalism, which is emboldening the terrorists in the global war on terror. Whenever you take off your shoes at an airport screening, you should be thinking of a university professor. If it were not for the liberals, the troops would be home already, and airport security would no longer be necessary.

As discussed in an early blog, liberals and scientists will spend eternity in hell. Despite the fact that these scientists are incorrigible liberals, our society still requires their innovations. I for one would like to see a world free of cancer AND liberalism, but that is the idealist in me talking.

A prime example of this conflict is stem cell research. The liberal scientists want to start using human eggs in science experiments. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? This is what happens when we let liberals do things without oversight. It is the same as murder with a capital M. But of course liberals don’t look at that way.

The problem is oversight. For God to be happy, we need balance in our science. For every liberal scientist, we need a god fearing Republican, such as myself, overseeing their work. Liberals keep on pushing for embryonic stem cells, but I say they should be using other stem cells NOT from the egg. I don’t even have a college degree, and I already know that they can find the cure to AIDS, cancer and Parkins Disease by using non embryonic stem cells. Not only is God happy, but I saved the tax payers a bunch of money because embryonic stem cell research is a dead end.

But there is much more. I think that I can say for all Americans that we are not interested in any drug that is derived from embryonic stem cell research. Think about it. If you were dying of cancer, and they had a new drug based on embryonic stem cell research, would you take it? Of course not. I’m not speaking alone here. We, Americans, would choose death.

The problem is that even though Saint Bush has prohibited stem cell research inside the United States, scientists are still performing stem cell research outside of the United States. In fact, they are not even hiding it. Many of these international companies are recruiting American scientists to destroy female eggs. All in the name of science. Hmmmph.

We need guarantees from all countries in the world that none of their drugs are derived from embryonic stem cell research. Let’s not forget that we are dealing with liberals, so this assumption should be that they are lying. Yes, we are on to them. Liberals lie as easy as breathing. Therefore, before any drugs (particularly new drugs that fight large diseases) will require a full investigation into the scientific research behind these drugs. If we find that the root is embryonic stem cell research, then the drugs will be banned from our great country.

It gets better. Of course, some liberals dying from cancer might try to leave the country for treatment. We cannot let that happen. If there is a cure in a foreign country based on embryonic stem cell research, Americans are better off dying from the disease than taking the cure. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease, and this is clearly the case.



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