Obeying the Law is American

6 02 2008

gavelNormally Mississippi is a good place in my book, with good people, good hunting, and good values. Imagine my shock when I heard about what some investigative reporters discovered going on in the city of Jackson: open law breaking, and the police — the police! — failing to make cracking down on the criminals a priority.

Is this Mississippi? Is this even America?

Our country is built on laws, and in order to maintain a civilized world we have no choice but to obey the laws of the land. This land is my land, this land is your land, and so are the laws. This is even more true when our laws align with those of the Lord, which they clearly do in this case. Even if the police are not watching, Jesus is.

A “3 on your side” investigation was watching, too, as they recently reported. Bless them. If a particular item is illegal, it’s illegal, and that’s that. And you must realize how serious this should be, even though only a misdemeanor, since the penalty is a fine up to five thousand dollars and jail time up to six months. That’s not small potatos! That’s a crime! It doesn’t matter what the item is, and I won’t mention it myself because this is the internet and children are still allowed to visit it. If the law was being followed, our children could be protected from even knowing such people and stores and criminal activity existed.

Obey the law. It’s American.



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