Raising a Child during the Global War on Terror

5 04 2008

microscopeI am happy to announce that I have a brand new baby boy. As a new parent, I am excited that all of the things that my baby boy can become. But then I must give a major pause, because my child will grow up in the age of terror. Saint Bush has sent one consistent message. The terrorists are out to get us, and they are a strong enemy.

Muslims are taught from a very young age to hate and loathe all Americans. In their schools, they are not teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. They only teach one thing, hate. Once their children learn to hate, then they teach them to kill Americans. By the time Muslim children reach adolescence, they are programmed to do one and only one thing in life – kill and hate Americans.

The war in Iraq is just one touch point in the war in terror. There are billions of Muslims in this world. In fact, there are more Muslims than there are Americans. And they all hate us and want us to die.

We got to wake up and fight this war, or the Muslims will kill all of us. So I have made an important decision. I am going to raise my child to become a Muslim hating and killing machine. Yahoo! Woo Hah! But I cannot do this alone, we need to change around our entire education system. Liberals want us to focus on science and mathematics, but there is a far more important thing to teach our children – Hate. We need to hate the Muslims as much as they hate us. This is the ONLY way we can break their cycle of hate. We didn’t start this, but we sure as hell are going to finish it.

Lately, my kid has been crying when he wakes up. My natural reaction is to pick him up and soothe him, but I have learned to fight this instinct. Instead I hit him a few times with a baseball bat, and eventually he stops crying. If we are going to fight a global war on terror, we don’t need a bunch of crying sissy babies. We need to be strong and hateful.

Of course, this is just phase one. After I teach my kid to hate, then I have to teach him to kill. I have not decided at what age, but I figure that Muslims are teaching their children to kill at 6-7 years old. At that time, I will buy my kid his first rifle. After a few years, I will have a fighting hating machine that can kill a towel head dead before he can spit. Those sand monkeys better beware because my kid will get them.



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12 04 2008
Bwana Redneck

Right on, brother! You gotta fight hate with hate, and those towelheads started this fight.

I got just one piece of advice. If you ain’t done this already, buy a bunch of guns. Each year, give your bundle of joy a new gun for his birthday. Start with some really small handguns. You know, something a 1 year old can hold and squeeze off a round or two. I recommend the Smith & Wesson “Baby Sigma.” Each year you can get him a little more firepower. By the time your kid’s 18, he’ll have an arsenal that will scare the crap out of those Islamo-Fascist terrorists! Buy a crash test dummy and dress it like a terrorist and let your kid blast it to hell and back. Good, practical family fun.

5 12 2008

Is it a joke or what ?

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