Bomb Iran

9 06 2008

Am I the only following this stuff? As it is ending up, Iran is a much bigger threat to the American way of life than Saddam and Iraq ever was. The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, keeps on developing enriched nuclear capabilities. Worse yet, they are creating their nuclear arsenal as the United Nations sits around doing nothing. NOTHING. Let’s not forget that the goal of every Muslim is to slaughter every American and abolish the American way of life. Iran says they are using their nuclear capabilities for energy. BALONEY. They are trying to destroy America.

So here’s my plan. First off, ignore the United Nations. How much help were they in Iraq? None. They have proven their worth as a law enforcement body. They have no spine, and they stand for nothing. The United Nations is just a bunch of liberals. There, I said it. Liberals. Yuch. People, think! Where would we be in Iraq if we had listened to the liberals and the United Nations? Saddam would still be alive for one thing. Geez.

We don’t need to drop the Big One on Iran….yet. Just start dropping conventional war fare on their towel head, Camel jockey, Allah-loving homes and work places. Just to let them know that we are on to them. Send a little message to their feeble destined-to-hell lives. Now if they are smart, they will give up their nuclear program when we start. But I am not counting on them doing the smart, justly and godly thing. They will probably retaliate.

But that’s good news too! Let me backup a second. Let’s face the fact that this election is not turning out well for the good guys. John McCain is old and not very smart, and he is supposed to follow the greatest president in the history of the galaxy? Right now, we have Saint Bush, but it is hard to think of John McCain as a Saint. I am really worried that there is small chance that America is stupid enough to vote a Democrat into the White House. Worse yet, he’s a nigblack.

So when we attack Iran, I bet they are dumb enough to retaliate. That will open America’s eyes of the type of enemy with which we are dealing. And who do want to deal with this enemy? A nigliberal? An old guy? No. We need four more years of Saint Bush. Because we are at war, the legislative branch and the executive branch have extraordinary power. And we should put that power to good use, to put Saint Bush in charge to deal with this vile and disgusting enemy.

Saint Bush understands one key principle that needs to be the foundation of our foreign policy. Muslims are not people. This is the flaw with United Nations and the liberals like that nigblack, Obama. They want to treat Muslims with respect and decency. No no no. They are flies that annoy us. But in this analogy, they are worse than flies because flies are harmless. They are dangerous flies that should be swatted and killed. I don’t feel guilty when I kill a fly and nor do I feel guilty when we kill a Muslim. That’s what Saint Bush gets, that liberals and the rest of the world do not. Repeat after me, killing a Muslim is like killing a fly.

So let’s bomb Iran. From America’s standpoint, there is no downside. Once we get rid of the Muslims out of the Middle East, all of their precious oil will be ours, and the Middle East will be a beacon of democracy for the rest of the world to admire. All Hail, Saint Bush.



3 responses

10 06 2008
Mountain Militia

Hell yeah! Like who’s going to retaliate? We can bomb at will. Israel bombed Saddam and no one did a goddamn thing. I mean, are we pussies or what?

27 09 2008
Lauriane B.

They don’t have a bomb yet. They are not that crazy, they are not going to bomb America. They probably won’t use it, all of the countries have greater nuclear power. Iran probably wants to use it to threaten Israel. And not every Muslim wants to kill americans. Stop making generalizations, that’s like saying that every christian is a member of the KKK.

6 02 2009

dude, i love how you put “nigger” and then cross it out right before you put “liberal”…

those darn nigerals!

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