The Truth About Obama

5 10 2008

Go Sarah Go! I am so pumped up about Sarah Palin I can’t see straight. When she talks about Joe Sixpack, I feel like she is touching my soul. She knows who I am. Plus she’s hot. She’s a VPILF. This is what will get America back on track. Yes, I was going to vote for McCain, but now I am excited to vote for the righteous party. Liberals want to focus on her lack of experience, and how she flubbed some easy questions from the liberal media. As usual, the only fair interview was the one with Sean Hannity.

Lately, Sarah has put the attack on Barak Obama. If you haven’t paid attention, she is showing the world that Obama has terrorist friends. Yes, Obama hangs out with terrorists. But let’s take the gloves off, Sarah. It is time to expose this nigDemocrat for what he is. Let me help Sarah, and maybe you can buy me a 12 pack when you win the election. You can talk about Joe Sixpack, but I am Timmy Twelvepack. I also have a buddy you can call Kerry the Keg Guzzler. You sound like so much fun, Sarah. Talk about American Values.

Back on Obama. Let me hit you with some other things that might shock the American public. First off, Obama is gay. That’s right. All of it is a charade. The wife and the kids are all a front to hide his non Christian sex preferences. It is a secret plot by the liberal gay community to extend their gay, homosexual life styles. Yes, we should be scared, because Obama isn’t going to make the white house black, he’ll make it pink. Of course, Obama is going to deny this truth about his pathetic life style, but it is clear that our family values have never been under attack like now.

It gets much better. Before he was gay, he was a child molester. The liberal media doesn’t want to cover this fact, but it is my duty as a proud American to come out and tell the truth. Now that Obama has all this campaign money, they have done a splendid job of hiding all of the facts behind his molestations, but believe me, he is a pervert. I know for a fact. He just didn’t molest one child but literally hundreds and hundreds of innocent children. We do not want nor can we accept a child molester as president of our great land.

Obama is also an alcoholic. He is not like Sarah and me that drinks a 6 pack and calls it an afternoon. He is a hard core alcoholic. The liberal media won’t cover this story, but he gets sauced every evening on the campaign trail shooting back Jaegermaester like it was water. Obama really scares me. Think about the 3 am call to the president. I am betting that Obama will be in a drunken stupor around that hour.

Obama hates white people. There is just so much information that the liberal press is not covering. The reason that Obama seeks office is to get even for slavery. He really should get over it. That war ended 150 year ago. And then the Jim Crow laws were repealed over 40 years ago. The nation needs time to heal, and the last thing we need is a radical black trying to push an anti white agenda. It will divide the country along racial lines. Perhaps it might even create another civil war. I will do everything in my power to stop that. Hey Senator, us Americans like peace. So why don’t you take your white hating attitude and go home to your liberal state of Illinois.

Sarah, you almost hit the target about terrorism. The reason that Obama runs with terrorists is because Obama IS a terrorist. He talks to Bin Laden almost every day, and they are plotting to overthrow the country from the inside out. This man is devious and he is not to be trusted. He is like a con man, trying to gain the nation’s confidence. Then once in office, he will destroy all of us. Fellow Republicans. We need to be afraid for our way of life.



11 responses

6 10 2008
Bwana Redneck

Wow, those are interesting facts about Osama Hussein Obama Yo Mama, but when John McLame nominated Sarah Palin, that clinched the deal for me. Let’s face it, McLame is suspect. He’s done some quasi-liberal crap in the past, and his flip-flopping makes Osama Hussein Obama Yo Mama look like a model of stability.

But Sarah is hot. I want to do her. And you don’t have to worry about her changing her position on the issues, because she doesn’t have any. She’ll do whatever the Christian Coalition tells her to do (Praise be to Jesus, amen!). And when McLame dies, as he will in the next few years, we will have the hottest head of state in history. We will be the envy of people everywhere, cuz they’ll want to do her too.

Finally, I’m excited again about politics. And after the election, I’m fixin’ to go and buy my a box of condoms, cuz this Joe Six-Pack is gonna be first in line for some moose-scented poontang.

28 10 2008
We The People

If the GOP steals another election and McCain wins, there will be a war in the streets and I will kill every piece of shit redneck I see.

Freedom, not freedumb.

4 11 2008

I couldn’t finish to read your garbage. It is a shame that people like you live in this great country. Shame on you

4 11 2008
Joe Wurzelbacher

You ignorant, closed-minded, racist bigot. Look beyond your hate filled “beliefs” and learn the truth about what you’re claiming. “Redneck Republican = Racist Uneducated Republican” from what you’re projecting with your half-wit post.

7 11 2008
Reading with a smile

Probably one of the best blogs Ive ever read. I first read it and was shaking I was so angry. Then I read your other entries and realized the truth behind what you say. And that nobody, not even the drunkest backwater Jethro whose 2nd wife was his illegitimate daughter mothered by his sister could be this inflammatory, yet articulate. And not one misspelled word. Brilliant.

8 06 2009
peter gerry

i agree whole heartedly as is written in my comment, i feel very stupid for being so gulible!

8 06 2009
peter gerry

i feel very stupid for my long comment rant on “god is a republican”
after reading the rest of the blogs i know it is poking fun at the real hardcore republicans, what changed my opinion on the seriousness of the blog was when the words ni**er and p*ki apeared with a line through them, if this was serious those words would have never been wrote!!
I should have read all the blogs before replying.
mind you the people who wrote supporting comments should feel ashamed of themselves!!!!!!!!!!!

8 08 2009

I get it, the website is a satire….you had me fooled at first….but please let me say not all rednecks think the way you portray them, my little 23 year old brother is probably a redneck, he drinks beer, wears cowboy boots, rides horses, and he is Scotch-Irish and hunts with a “man from India,” and says he is one of the nicest guys he has ever met…
My brother listens to country music and although always a gentleman, still a little bit chauvinist, and he said during the election, “that Bush got elected and served his own selfish interest, and probably the worst president ever,” WOW! pretty smart for a young redneck… brother is a democrat, and “intellectual liberals” are not “immune” to chauvinism, one of the biggest jerks i’ve ever met was an intellectual liberal from San Fransisco, who treated me like an “OBJECT” and wouldn’t even walk me to my door at nite, and wasn’t even enough of a gentleman to pay for dinner….at least the rednecks back home are protective, and courteous, and would never make a lady pay….

12 12 2009
RP McMurphy

YOur Blog reads like a scene out of idiocracy.

I would like to know where you live so we can meet in person to discuss how weak liberals like me are. I have a couple friends who like me served in combat and a couple other c–workers who grew up in East St. Louis who would also like to discuss how weak they are. When can you meet with us?

12 12 2009
RP McMurphy

Satire… To bad that I didn’t realize that. I live in area of the country where people actually say things like this.

17 05 2015
Robert S Moulds

Sarah Palin is proof that the redneck is stupid Barack Obama is better educated doesn’t in the middle of his job and a man therefore a better leader. While Sarah is an arctic dukes of hazzard country dumb white trash who terrorizes gods little creatures. The Stars and Bars are not the problem with the south nor are the southern belles it’s the mindless savage scary xenophobic redneck that is along with Jimmy Carter the victim.

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