Unbiased Bush 43 Report Card

21 12 2008

Now that President George W Bush’s second term is winding down, it is natural and logical to begin to evaluate how history will evaluate his contributions against all the other president’s of our great nation. Rather than listening to the biased, America-hating, liberal media, Redneck Republican has put together the following spin-free, objective analysis of Bush’s standing in history.

Here we go.

National Security. Perhaps more so than any president in our life times, Bush’s presidency is overshadowed by American’s concern for national security. I am proud to say that Bush NAILED it. After our nation was viciously attacked on 9/11/2001, there has not been another attack on American soil. Bush foiled millions of attacks while president because he is strong on the war on terror.

Bush went into Iraq to keep us safe at home. If we had not attacked Iraq, cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas would be just cinders and rubble. Bush protected our home land against terrorists like no other president before and after.

Redneck Republican gives Bush a perfect 10/10. If there were a higher score then we would give that. I am sure that liberals will want to give Bush a lower score. Their arguments are poor. There were no WMD in Iraq. We would be treated as liberators not invadors. Our intelligence was wrong. Abu Ghraib and Guantanomo Bay. Our world standing has declined. The list goes on. That is the problem with the liberal media. They cannot see the simple truth that this is the greatest war in the history of the world led by the greatest president. Again, 10/10.

FEMA. Another incredible event during Bush’s administration was hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans, killing thousands of residents. Since the destruction of Katrina in September 2005, there has not been another Katrina. Yes, there have been other hurricanes, and the federal response has been quick and rapid. Bush nailed it. And just like the war in Iraq, we need to think of all the hurricanes that have been avoided. Since Katrina, there has not been another Katrina.

Liberals are going to say that Bush hired an incompetent croney. Next he gave him a pat on the back, and then fired him. Liberals think that events of Katrina could have been avoided. Pretty funny. For us at Redneck Republican, there is only one fact that matters. After Katrina, there was not another one. For this one simple reason, Bush gets a 10/10.

Budget. Want to hear a funny one? Liberals think that Bush 43 has done a horrible job managing the federal budget. Liberals want to point to the fact that the deficit doubled to close to $11T during Bush’s administration. Bush’s tax cuts to the rich were more favors for his golf buddies than an economic stimulus, and worse yet, that the war in Iraq was costly. Here’s the kicker. Conservatives are saying that Bush has departed from Republican small-government ideals, creating the largest government in the history of the country.

There is one simple fact that dissolves all of these arguments. Bush is the most prudent, money savvy, fiscally conservative president in history of the country. Boom! Game, set and match. People want to ignore this simple fact, but I will not. Bush gets a 10/10.

Gay Rights. Bush has truly nailed this one. The United States is a hetero sexual nation, and thanks to President Bush, we will remain so. Bush understands things that many liberals do not. First, homo sexuality is similar to a disease that can spread from one person to another. If we are not careful, we will become a nation of homos. Study after study has been done that shows that children exposed to gay people are more likely to commit suicide, kill other people, rape, and of course become gay. This is the bible talking here. It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

Bush hates gay people as much as us here at Redneck Republican. In fact, in our view, gay rights is an oxymoron because gay and homosexual people do not deserve any rights at all. There was a time when blacks had separate bathrooms and buses than white people. Maybe that was a little extreme, but I sure don’t want those creepy homos near me and my family. Thank you President Bush. 10/10.

Citizen Rights. The liberal media wants to give Bush a bad mark on citizen rights. They are so quick to point out government wire tapping, water boarding, and throwing out habeus corpus. Redneck Republican partially agrees but we are in a global war against terror. More importantly, the American public’s approval of the war on terror is an abysmal 18%. Less than one out of 5 American citizens are smart enough to see the wisdom behind Bush’s security plan. There are times when democracy doesn’t work, and the opinion of the people must be overridden. We are clearly living in those times. Bush nailed it – 10/10.

But now I must give pause. We are about to inaugurate a liberal democrat black man into the highest office in the land. Yes, water boarding, torture, wire tapping, etc are fine in the hands of a man of principle and honor such as Bush, but we cannot trust these enhanced executive privileges in the hands of a monster like Obama. Now is the time to reach across the aisle to the clueless liberals, and take these extraordinary powers from the hands of Obama.

Abortion. Here’s what everyone doesn’t already know. The United states needs more babies. It has been argued that the econonmic success of the United States was related to the surge in population related to the Baby Boom in the 1950’s. Now that economic times are dire, we need another baby boom. This takes No Child Left Behind to a whole new level. Liberals should not get excited, because this is not a call for rampant sex. Sex is only for the purposes of conception in a committed relationship in the eyes of God.

I am going to have give Bush a mark down on this one because Roe V Wade is still the law of the land. Redneck Republican believes that Roe V Wade must be overturned, and then an aggressive federal program should be created to weed out every baby killer in the country. Then each and every one will be prosecuted and perhaps a few will get the chair or the needle. That’s the right message.

That said, Bush has executed his plan. The only hope to over turn Roe v Wade is to stack the judiciary with single issue judges. Although the Founding Fathers created the judicial branch as a balance of power against the executive and legislative branch, this concept is out dated. Bush understands that the judicial branch has only one function – to overturn Roe V Wade. Bush has appointed 2 supreme court judges and 57 appeal court judges to create an army of judges to over turn Roe V Wade. He just didn’t get it done under his watch. Sorry George. 9/10.

Economy. To wrap this up, let’s talk about the economy. Liberals mouths begin to foam. They want to plant this mess at Bush’s feet. Liberals say that Bush wasted money in a costly war in Iraq. Tax cuts to the wealthy were essentially a boon doggle. And lastly, Bush removed the only intelligent regulatory controls to the housing market. These are all just pathetic lies.

The problem with the economy is the tax-and-spend democrats. It is high taxes and high government expenditures that created this mess. Redneck Republican has done an economic analysis and if there is any blame for the economic downturn, it would be with these presidents – Clinton, Carter, Johnson, and Kennedy. One thing for sure, it sure ain’t Bush 43. So in finale. 10/10.

Conclusion. Isn’t it amazing? Once one takes away the liberal bias, Bush’s presidency becomes a shining light, a model for all future presidents to follow. One can only hope that we have a president of Bush’s intellect, perseverance, and most importantly RESULTS. God bless America.



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21 12 2008

I am not convinced that Bush had succeeded in foiling millions of attacks. There are several ways to destroy a nation. Forcing a nation to diverting its resources to the war on terrorism, which seems to be fighting a shadow, the evil forces made the country lose assets huge in terms of human life and wealth.
The country is in the current economic crisis because of that war. And the corporate greed added fuel to the fire. Now the middle and working classes are asked to make sacrifices while the men at the top who had pocketed millions in bonuses are not asked to return it. They are not told that they failed in their job of managing the accounts and thus should be fired, not rewarded.
I am sorry but I am totally lost.

17 01 2009

I get it. Because I’m a redneck, I’m not sexy like you. So, since sex is all that matters, I have no civil rights. After all, all I’ve done is serve in the Marines and work my ass off for my whole lifetime, whereas you’ve courageously offered candy bars to young boys outside of elementary schools.

But who am I to criticize? I don’t even get manicures.

6 02 2009

man i wish all you guys commenting could realize that this guy is joking. none of this is meant to be taken seriously…

this guy is GOLD

hahaha keep up the good work man. this stuff’s hilarious!

7 08 2010

Wow y’all are real racist and bigoted here on this site!

2 04 2012
Doug Elliott

bush a bad president? here’s a another view…..

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