Global Warming is a Sham

2 05 2009

Now that the “Chosen One” is President of our great land, there is a lot of liberal babble about global warming. It is unbelievable how a progressive country such as the United States can go backwards so quickly. Here at Redneck Republican, it is time to debunk the liberals about global warming.

There is no such thing as global warming. Sometimes the earth gets warmer and sometimes the earth gets colder. That’s all that is going on here. We are just going through a little warm patch now, but very quickly, the earth will turn cold again. I am no scientist but it will happen in the next 10-20 years. When the earth begins to turn cold again, that will shut up all this retarded talk about global warming.

Unfortunately, until then and now, we have to listen to their liberal, the-sky-is-falling ramblings. It makes my head hurt to hear them talk. Here are some of their incredibly weak arguments.

Scientists. All of scientists agree that the earth is warming and it is caused by the increased carbons released by industrial nations. That’s the problem to start with. These opinions are coming from scientists. Why should we believe scientists on anything? After all, they are the ones that came up with the theory of evolution for God sake. If anyone had any brain, they would simply ignore everything that a scientist has to say. Would you talk to a lawyer about a medical problem? Of course not. Then why would one talk to a scientist about global warming?

Kyoto Treaty. Liberals next trot out the Kyoto Treaty. 185 countries have signed a worldwide accord to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The United States is one of only 2 countries that have not signed the treaty. Liberals feel that as citizens of the world, we should join hands with the other residents of the world in which we live. This is all wrong. All this proves is that the world is full of liberals that do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The rest of the world should be worried about eternity in hell, and not about a little heat here on earth.

Yes, the liberals are all wrong about the facts on global warming, but there is one over powering reason why we should reject global warming. It’s a sham. They made it all of it up. They are trying to work the world into a frenzy about something that doesn’t exist. Why? The answer is simple – control. This is the first step to big government that controls every aspect of our lives. Soon we will all be slaves to the master government, all in the name of global warming. We at Redneck Republican do not want to be a slave to anyone. We want to be free, and therefore, the only intelligent and enlightened choice is to fight global warming with every fiber in our beings.




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3 05 2009
Bwana Redneck


I don’t know if it’s a sham or not. But I’m all for global warming. The melting of the polar ice caps will cause sea levels to rise and wipe out all those liberals populating the two coasts. Sure, we’ll lose some good rednecks in South Carolina and Georgia, but think of all those Californians and New Yorkers bobbing in the water like a bunch of drowned rats.

And for those of us Real Americans living in cold climates in the midwest? We’ll be living in the new Sunbelt soon.

So, I hope you’re wrong and the liberal scientists are right. It all bodes well for me!


9 05 2009

I for one couldn’t care less about global warming. I intend to pollute and then pollute some more! Hell, the younger generation are all brain dead video game zombies anyway. Why sould I worry about “caretaking” the planet for them? I won’t be around in 100 years anyway! Let them all put down their stupid video games and figure out how to save the planet themselves. It’ll give them something constructive to do.

13 08 2009

You’re an ass hole xscorpionx! Earth is the only known planet in the universe to sustain life and you intend to pollute it?? Plus, why do you Republicans agree with scientists that Venus is hot because there are carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere, yet you call scientists idiots (and you should trust scientists because THEY ARE SMART YOU IDIOT!!!) for telling us the same thing about our planet???

22 05 2009

Xscorpionx thats how we got into this mess jackass, the generation left it to us to figure this shit out. And the main idiot that wrote this article is a jackass too, yea the world will cool down into an ice age, it won’t be like someone turned on a large air conditioner it will be like i don’t know the little ice age that killed millions of people in the 14oo’s did any of you morons graduate.

7 08 2009

We can debate global warming, but there is no denying fossil fuels are contaminating our fish and air quality with MERCURY, my husband had to be treated for mercury toxicity after eating “tuna” at lunch with co-workers on a regular basis…mercury exposure in pregnant women causes miscarriage/chromosome abnormalities… FDA has a list of unsafe fish….. I am a southerner, and concern over the impact of fossil fuels in the environment is no longer a “HIPPIE AGENDA,” maybe we should have listened to them a long time ago….if you are a Christian you should know the Bible says, my people perish (die untimely) for lack of knowledge…We are to be good stewards of creation…. putting all-mighty dollar before our health and lives OR SUPPORTING POLITICIANS WHO DO, is very foolish…..

28 02 2014

Every morning with cereal i eat parts of repubilnecks i have stored in my freezer. Capitalism at its finest! Strong shall thrive! Weak shall die! Honey, pass that podunks left hand this way and put some A1 on it, please!

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