Obama Is Not An American

26 07 2009

Despite the demands of America, the best Obama can produce is a fake birth certificate from Hawaii. Obama has duped America into believing his unAmerican gibberish and now we are paying the consequences. Liberals say that Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate and the state of Hawaii eliminated the storage of physical birth certficates to enter the electronic age. Next, they point to old copies of the newspapers with Obama’s birth announcement. HAHAHA!

I don’t know what color the sky is in the liberal’s world, but here in the United States, we need the original birth certificate, NOT an electronic copy. Furthermore, some easily doctored newspaper copies is not going to do the trick. We are being reasonable here, and it just proves that Obama has something to hide. Just like that other liberal, Clinton, Obama has a dark dirty secret.

For this one reason, we should not accept Obama as president. I do not want a Muslim from Kenya representing me! Get real.

But Obama has a lot more explaining to do. Sarah Palin has made it clear that Obama is a terrorist. He is talking to the country’s gravest of enemies every day, helping them plan the America’s demise and downfall. Our enemy is evil and so is Obama.

Obama has already broken the public trust with the birth certificate controversy, and we are not going to give him another chance. Obama needs to turn over all of his phone records and email records for the last 30 years. If there is any whiff or trace of anything related to terrorism, then he is gone baby. Every detail of Obama’s life must be made painfully public until we can find the link between Obama and the terrorist network. Now that the birth certificate charade has been uncovered, the burden of proof is on Obama to prove to the nation that he is not a terrorist.

Obama is a charlatan that has perpetrated one of the greatest frauds ever committed on the American people. He has robbed the country of its vision but also the hope that we have for the future and that of our children. Worse yet, Obama is the sworn enemy of American values. Obama is a foreigner liar and as defined in the Constitution unsuitable for the President of the United States.




6 responses

3 08 2009

This website is satire…right?

4 08 2009

I almost fell out of my chair reading this. This is my new favorite website. Thanks!!!

10 08 2009

Is this for real? Please tell me that you are joking! This is like the propaganda that the Nazi’s spewed out of their foul evil mouths! This must be a joke because I can’t imagine anyone this ignorant!

19 09 2009
Brian Jones

Amen, Karen, Amen. I really am holding out hope for this just being sarcasm, but I think the world might actually be coming to an end if someone this illogical and childish can actually use a computer.

One solution: it must be a CHILD!!!!! everyone knows that most five to seven year olds can use a computer better than even I can half the time. Someone this stoopid must, i repeat MUST either 1) be a child, or 2) have convinced a ( child ) / ( one of their seventeen children who actually made it through fifth grade ). There is no other possible explanation! I could see it being a fluke, some redneck finding a laptop while hunting ground squirrels finds a laptop and makes a post on the Inter-nets, but an entire WEBSITE!!!! their own blog even… it MUST be a child or through a child, as these ideas don’t come from literate people!!!!!!!!

22 09 2009

really brian?! only illiterate people come up with racist ideas?

is that what they teach you in clown college? or is it your attempt to insult the satirist playing you for a fool?

i would suspect it’s probably the latter. at least there are people of both left and right leaning perspectives making asses of themselves.

11 02 2015
Robert S Moulds

If you can prove that Barack Obama was born in Kenya then impeach and deport him. Otherwise be thankful its not that stupid Joe Biden who insulted Russia over the Ukraine it was [part of Russia and is in their spear who is president unfit to be dog catcher.

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