End Socialism Now

7 09 2009

Now that the Savior, Barack Hussein Obama, has been exposed as a fraud, that is a non American Communist, the time is ripe to get the country back on track. Here is my humble plan to end socialism in America once and for all. No longer will a disgusting Communist like Obama be able to grace the most important job in the land.

Here’s the plan to get the country back on track.

End Medicaid, Medicare and the VA. This was a liberal plan to simply redistribute wealth from the rich to the needy. These plans are both expensive and unsustainable and the time is now to cut the plug. If you are elderly or a veteran, then you are on your own. If you have enough wealth, then go get your own health plan. However if you cannot afford a health plan, then consider yourself a leach on society. You are dragging down this great country.

End Public Schools. Obama just got on television and delivered a message to all the children in public schools in the nation. How wrong is that? The president has no business talking to our children. All he wants to do is spread his liberal agenda to their innocent minds. There is only one solution to all of this. All children should be home schooled. Also the wealthy can send their children to expensive private schools, but the inexpensive public schools are just a burden on society.

End Unemployment Insurance. Unemployment insurance is just wrong. It is redistribution of wealth in its purest form. I am supposed to give my hard earned tax money to some retard that can’t even hold a job? Give me a break. They can always get a job at McDonald’s or picking up the trash. This is just a way of rewarding laziness, and it needs to come to a full stop, now!

Private Roads. Where in the constitution does it say that our government is responsible for creating roads? No where. All roads should be private, and the better road the more it should cost. There are plenty of poor people that may not be able to afford to travel on the better roads, and I have one response. Tough crap! Now that you don’t have unemployment insurance, maybe you will have more motivation to finally get a job.

End Air Traffic Control. Do we really need our government controlling our air ways? The entire system is probably corrupt, and should be eliminated. Liberals will argue that air traffic control makes air travel safer. How stupid! All it does it drives up the cost. We need to make air travel more affordable and the first step is eliminating air traffic control.

Burn Down All The Libraries. I know one thing for sure. Libraries would not exist if not for liberals. Now that Obama’s approval ratings are falling off a cliff, let’s get rid of one of the bastions of liberalism, libraries. That will show them. If people want to read, then they can buy their own books. Why can’t liberals understand that simple fact?

No More Taxes. The beautiful part of my plan is that we no longer need to pay taxes. Even some good conservative people like to read a good book once in a while, but is it really worth our freedom? I for one am going to stop paying taxes immediately and then hopefully the Chosen One, Barack Hussein Obama, will follow my simple plan to eliminate socialism in our lifetime. I encourage all my readers to stop paying taxes as a protest to socialism.

Thanks for listening.




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7 09 2009
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19 09 2009
Brian Jones

Nice going, you Cracker Barrel-eating and ill-tipping, High Life-drinking (probably) racist dipsh1t, you left out a few. Don’t forget the fire department and police! And what about Citigroup or GM, both of which are substantially owned by taxpayers right now? Well, if your house… uh, trailer… burns down, well, your simple and, shall I say, misguided ideas are tantamount to just throwing a few gallons of kerosene on the eyesore.

You’re so progressive you’re regressive. We might as well go back to clubbing our dinner (or maybe even *throwing rocks!!!*) and hoping we’ll find enough food to last through winter with your nonsense.(or be able to overrun the group over the hollar and through the pass, even though they still have some rounds left and we always lose someone in the pursuit…)

You do realize that the reason that substantial taxes were started in America was that the country was failing, due to complete disconnect amongst the former colonies after a bloody separation from Britain? That constitution that you cite is the RESULT of no tax revenue for the government leading to an unholy mess that everyone realized would lead to America’s downfall because without any taxes, we couldn’t have defended ourselves from a country trying to recolonize us.

You should study your history… or were you so against when you were in that *awful* public school system that you just didn’t pay attention and got out as soon as you were 16 so you could finally get that dream job at the Dairy Queen that’s right across from your mom’s trailer park?

Guess that must be why you don’t really know anything at all about what you’re talking about… although I’m sure you could go on for days about how cool those soft serve machines are! (I’m glad I stayed in my public school, but I go to a private college now, so I’ll meet you halfway… only that private schools should be allowed, never that the right of education be taken from the people…)

Although you do seem to grasp a few ideas about how the free market operates, you really shouldn’t be putting up such unfounded, ridiculous and FALSE ideas into words. Maybe they’re inside your head.

That’s great. I do indeed believe in free speech as provided in the fist amendment of the Constitution (which I doubt you have ever seen… How many articles are there in total? How about amendments?). Sometimes, however, it’s just better to remember that you always have the right to remain silent.

IN FACT: That’s the same right the nice officer told you about when you were getting arrested after your sister Mimi’s wedding reception for driving your John Deere combine (drunk!) through your neighbor Cletus’ soybean sprouts. (It’s fine, thought, I know Mimi enjoyed herself on your fabulous honeymoon together to the dirt track racing hall of fame museum and boiled peanut boutique!!!)

IN CONCLUSION: I can only hope that one of the many mid-air collisions that would happen because some simple-minded fcuk like you would want something as unreasonable as REMOVING AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS (?!?!?) would be fried to a crisp in the resulting series of airline crashes which would ultimately ensue. (If you ran the world, however, I would be RACING to get under the nearest falling plane I could find, as that would be infinitely better than living in the stone age.)

(( I only wanted to find a funny picture sarcastically saying “end socialism in america!” and saying stuff like, “no more schools and “no more air traffic controllers/firemen/etc”, but instead I wasted fifteen minutes writing this because I couldn’t believe that people this backwards can even FIND the Inter-nets with those complicated computer things, let alone USE them to create a website!!!! Truly, technology has become far too accessible!!! ))

22 09 2009

haha wow thanks Brian! for a moment i thought our fine post-secondary institutions would be teaching our young people more important things than arguing with satirists 😉

dont feel too bad though, you’re definitely not the first person to skip gullibility 101 (read some of the other posts and articles for a laugh while your busy wasting time on this site)

2 11 2009
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6 02 2010
Mark M.

I read your blog concerning unemployment insurance.. I thought immediately.. Hmmm.. that is interesting take on it.. But wrong.. I then thought.. Well, you are employed and figured you are in my way. Also, I watched a few videos profiling people involved with the Tea Party movement and suddenly realized there are many employed sucking up all the jobs that people like me could do 1000 times better. There just are numerous incompetent people in the workforce nowadays eating up work that people like myself could do so much better at. Hell, I was thinking if we did have socialism or anarchism (or a bit of both) at least I could be guaranteed a job.. Hell, in a NON-state socialist society based on anarchistic rules at least everyone would be employed and people would gain more compared to the current system.. However, it is not your fault you are deluded on socialism and anarchism.. If there was a socialist society people in the upper 10% that are profiting from other labors would have to learn what it takes to actually contribute.. I realize that you have been taught that capitalism is the only economic system in the world and nothing else should be considered. I realize you think that it equates out to capitalism. If you have not realized recently that banks recently had all their losses “socialized” (if you will).. and their profits of course were privatized.. Hey, all is good right.. Pray to God.. or Allah.. or Satan.. Amen

23 03 2010
derek fortuna

I’m calling out for like-minded people to start assassinating rednecks, republicans and dumb-ass conservatives. This country should rid itself of this vermin. I think of you as less than human, as do many others. Prepare to die motherfuckers!!! We’re head hunting you, you dogs. It’s war, motherfuckers!

24 07 2010

Why don’t you educate yourself on what socialism is. A society where there is no upper class, no government, all is run by the workers, and all things are made for free and distributed for all for free. Communism has never happened, only pathetic attempts at it, they became just as corrupt as capitalism. Sadly, communism will never be achieved because people are not honest, and if all is free, they would take much, much more than is needed for them to take, which in turn would increase demand of certain things, and well.. I think you see where that chain goes. The workers are overworked, production eventually slows, and it fails. Because people are bad and dishonest. In a perfect world, communism would rule supreme, but nothing here is perfect. Capitalism is just as bad as the dictatorship that the USSR, China, Cuba, etc. saw/see – the gears of capitalism are oiled by the blood of the workers. In capitalism, you step on everyone to get to the top, and it can’t work if no one is on the bottom. Obama is far leftist of course, but he’s not far left as communism. I, or no one, will ever change your way of thinking, but don’t speak so close-minded. Obama is the greatest thing to happen since Lincoln.

5 08 2010

You do you realize this is a satire?

8 05 2013
Juan Mario

Man you are a genius, your satires have make me laugh a lot…

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