The Problem with Liberals

15 11 2009

If I were to name the largest problem with liberals is that they can not see their own flaws. If they can not see their flaws, then they have zero chance of fixing them. This, my friends, is the problem with America. Liberals have no ability to improve and help our country.

So it is my sincere hope that every liberal in the country will read this blog so that they can improve and finally liberals and conservatives can work hand in hand to make the great country our Founding Fathers had intended.

Liberals are gullible. Liberals are being led around by the nose by the liberal media. Take global warming as an example. Liberals want to believe all of these liberal chicken-little scientists that the earth is warming. The reality is that we are just going through a little hot spell, and they are using that as a trick to have the government control our lives.

Liberals are naive. Remember when Saddam Hussein told the UN that he had no weapons of mass destruction? The liberals and the idiot United Nations wanted to do give Hussein the benefit of the doubt and do an inspection. Saddam Hussein was a liar and an evil man and we needed to take him out whether he had WMD or not. Believing anything other than that is naive.

Liberals are weak. One of the first things our idiot Communist president, Barry Obama, did was close down Guantanomo where we were torturing some of the most evil enemies of our great nation. Liberals are against torture because they are weak. For America to succeed in the war against terror, we must torture MORE not less. We should be opening up a chain of Guantanomo prisons throughout the world. Only then will the world realize how strong we are as a nation.

Liberals are no fun. Liberals like to point at Abu Ghraib as American foreign policy gone bad. In fact, it is the opposite. During George W Bush’s term, America had the best foreign policy in the history of time. Abu Ghraib was just a few of the youngsters having a little fun at the expense of the evil Muslims. Liberals definitely need to lighten up a bit.

Liberals are going to hell. This is a key and critical point. Not all liberals are going to hell, but a lot of them are. The reason is that God is a Republican. God wants liberals to fail but he also gave humans free will because he wants all humanity to choose Republican. The ramifications are dire because heaven is full of Republicans and HELL has a lot of Democrats. Liberals need to get their heart right with God.

Liberals are bad with money. The reason that we are in the current economic crisis is 100% because of liberals. Of course, liberals are doing everything in their power to escape blame by blaming tons of innocent people. They want to blame the Fed for printing too much money. Then on top of that, they blame Bush for entering a costly war with no exit. Can you believe it? They think that Bush was not frugal. The reality is that liberals need to own up for creating this crisis so we can move on.

Liberals hate our military. This one makes me a little perturbed. We owe our freedom and the best quality of life on the planet to our military. It is the ultimate in disrespect. This is also related to why liberals are so weak.

Liberals hate freedom. Liberals want all of us to be slaves to a Orwellian Big Brother government. The government tells us what to do, and we just nod our head like puppy dogs. Liberals are submissive, and conservatives love freedom.

Conclusion. There is more, but liberals should start working on improving themselves as people. It is not only important for themselves but for the nation as a whole. Rush Limbaugh (another one of the great ones) has it right. We are in a battle between good and evil. Right now, Satan is winning and the hateful racist non America Barry Obama is president. For America to succeed Obama must fail. We must unite as a nation again the evil that Obama represents. Liberals repent.




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16 11 2009

I am not a liberal,I am not a conservative but I had to tell you that you are easily the most ignorant, fear mongering idiot that I have come across in many years! Thank you for the laugh though that is all you seem to be worth!

16 11 2009

Very funny satire. Sad thing is i know some people who would believe this!

24 11 2009
R. R., This Diploma Is For You! « The Official Blog Of God's Only Inerrant Party

[…] We will now recite your essay that you wrote for your graduation speech: The Problem with Liberals […]

11 03 2010

You are an idiot you Fucking biggot piece of shit

23 03 2010
derek fortuna

I’m calling out for like-minded people to start assassinating rednecks, republicans and dumb-ass conservatives. This country should rid itself of this vermin. I think of you as less than human, as do many others. Prepare to die motherfuckers!!! We’re head hunting you, you dogs. It’s war, motherfuckers!

23 08 2011

Yeah, that’s gonna help. You are an idiot, derek!

29 12 2015

I don’t think so, coward.

But, by all means, get out of your mother’s basement and do something.


28 07 2010

honestly. is this sarcasm and satire or are you being serious cause if you are I suggest you get some help immediately.

20 09 2011

Heheheh… an article on Liberal Americans ? and he uses the Logo of the British Liberal Democrat Party (which has nothing to do with Liberals in the US apart from the word “Liberal”), Geeez….

7 08 2014
Paul Meyer

Here’re some ideas that may resonate with your thinking:
(1) Shut down the SSA immediately. Refund their allotted assets thusly:
(A) Use 1/3 of their funds to pay down the national debt.
(B) Refund 1/3 of their funds proportionate to how likely it is to be used for
investment. This is based on the amt. of declared income from interest
capital gains, and dividends for the last 5 years as a proportion of the
total amt. of this sort of income for the entire nation over this time.
(C) 1/3 goes to energy companies to develop new sources of energy.
(2) Gov’t. programs for people based on their productivity. Nothing for
poor people. Little for the middle class. Most for the job creators.
(3) Restrict voting to land owners.
(4) Make inhibition of economic activity a felony, and confiscation of all assets
of those guilty by entities so injured standard practice. This should
eliminate the environmental movement.
(5) Deprive homeless people of all civil rights. Any crimes committed against
them not be subject to prosecution. Anyone charged with vagrancy be
given a choice of entering the military starting at an E0 rank, or being
remanded to a gov’t work farm supplied only with food, clothing, and a
place to sleep and bathe.
(6) Eliminate the minimum wage and all occupational safety standards.
Allow businesses to institute unrestricted uncompensated overtime as a
condition of employment. Employees are not allowed to sue employers
for any reason at all, including gross negligence resulting in disability or
death. Employers can hire and fire at will with no recourse for employees.
(7) 10% income tax, excepting corporations, capital gains, interest, and
dividends, which are not taxed, 10% paycheck tax, and 10% national
sales tax, excepting teal estate, energy, transportation, corporate
expenditures, and expenses related to investments, which are not taxed.
(8) Expanded capital punishment for habitual miscreants who have an
extended and consistant history of nonproductivity.
(9) No affirmative action.
(10)Establish a 4th branch of gov’t to be called the Chamber of Commerce.
This is to be made of the CEOs of the 100 largest corporations, or their
designated proxies. They will have veto power over the other branches
of gov’t and their enacted legislation will be immune to veto by the other
branches. They will have the power to remove anyone from the other
branches of gov’t deemed unsupportive of their agenda.
(11)Eliminate truth in advertising laws, and let the buyer beware. No laws
against fraud. If you’re stupid enough to be suckered, that’s your tough
(12)Renters can be drafted into the military. Not so land owners.
(13)Death by stoning for homosexuals and adulterers.
(14)Home schooled denied college admission. All universities and
community colleges privatized.
(15)End all environmental laws. Disband the EPA immediately. Make
promulgation of any science potentially decreasing corporate profitability
a felony.
(16)Tax charitable organizations to minimixe their enabling of
nonproductive people.
(17)Eliminate renewable energy and recycling.
Enact these, and this should help you realize your dream of eliminating liberal thought and the democratic party from the USofA. This should also keep the 1% in charge for their own benefit only. Some people might call this an obscurantist plutocracy. I would.

11 10 2015
Paul Meyer

A problem with liberals is they advocate for a greater proportion of the GDP to be used for lower and middle class living expenses, rather than being under control of the deserving wealthy to use for speculative and overseas investments.

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