Close All Public Libraries Now

18 01 2013

libraryI was driving around the other day and I saw the new public library in our neighborhood. I decided to enter the building and I was shocked to see what is happening to this country.

The library was full of parasitic, freedom hating people reading books and newspapers all on my tax payer dollars. This is just so wrong. If these people cannot afford to buy the paper or books, then they should not be reading. It’s plain and simple. There are certain people that just don’t deserve to read. And who decides what books are in the library. Probably a bunch of liberals that have no idea what freedom and democracy is all about.

On top of that, there is a huge section for children. They are trying to get children to read free books at the earliest possible age. The libraries are teaching our children to become lazy ingrates at the earliest possible age. These kids need to get a job, learn how to read, and then buy books when they have enough money to afford them. Instead they are reading books paid by my tax dollars for free. Get a job you ingrate kids.

Here’s tbe worst part of all. The library has lots and lots of computers connected to the internet. All you need is a free library card, and you have full access the library’s computers. This is communism at the worst, and just furthers the democrap nanny state. They want the sheeple to use the library computers and forever be dependent on the government. Then they will take away our guns and kill all of us. It’s a slippery slope.

If people want to access the internet, then they need to buy a computer and then purchase an internet plan. If they cannot afford a computer or an internet plan, then no internet. It is that simple. I don’t want my tax dollars paying for lazy people that can’t even afford to pay for their own computers.

Libraries are the way that goverments control the people. We should eliminate all libraries in our nation. I am OK if there are private libraries where people pay to enter. Or perhaps there can be a charity where people share books, but tax payer money should never pay for red commie activities like libraries.




8 responses

18 01 2013

Better Dead than Read!

23 07 2013

What country are you from, Nazi Germany?

27 05 2014

You are awesome! Please keep blogging because your posts are hilarious.

11 07 2014

You are one dumb fuck!

11 02 2015
Robert S Moulds

Libraries are a important investment in education and enrich people lives they are a wise investment. While illiterate people are bane on our country and should educated.

6 05 2015
zooey hall

This article has got to be joke.

29 02 2016
paul berevoescu

Take away your guns and then kill… sounds like a plan! Sign me up! When do i get 2 scalp me sum redneck?

11 04 2016
Dennis Teets

Lovely satire.

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