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3 06 2010
Jame Spikes

Where can I find back articles, i.e. unemployment insurance is for the lazy etc ?

18 06 2010

My Cat eats REPUKES! Oh And go support BP since you think The president caused the entire oil spill! Oh and you are owned by our new BLACK PRESIDENT!

3 08 2010

I think you need to read the Bible. I mean, really read it, and not listen to some dumb preacher trying to tell you what it means.

16 08 2010

this has to be a joke lol not even republicans can be this ignorant

9 03 2011

Holy shit I didnt know rednecks knew how to use a computer!!

23 05 2011

here are some facts…more people in china have computers than in usa…more people in china speak english than in the usa…america is only 5percent of the worlds population…one in four people is muslim….islam is the fastest growing religion…one in ten people is white….70 percent of people on this planet are asians…13 percent of all muslims are arabs…america spens more on defense than the rest of the world combined…the usa wages a war every five years…the usa has gone to war more than any other empire/country in histroy…usa started the first war in this century…the most popular name in the world is mohamed…half of the usa will minorities in 20 years….i can go on and on…with all these facts its gonna be hard to live in this world with ur point of view….u gota be a global citizen buddy, go get a passport and kiss the u.n. flag…lol

22 08 2012
Billy Bob Zeke

im is preddy dumb cuz mi moma and my dad is relation but im even not so dumb as deze “inbred fucked up racist cocksmoker redneck republicunts”. yall is perdy stoopid boys aintcha.

21 11 2012

I feel bad for republicans.. They just don’tunderstand that the same freedoms and fundamentals that they claim shaped this countrys freedoms such as immigration & free speech & thought has back fired on You and has shaped a new america. WAH WAH WAH . Well guess what- the nation has spoken in all of its freedom and glory .. And you are the minority….So if you are disgusted with america and the hispanics and blacks THEN LEAVE! I know i get it you believe that the country will fall to pieces without republican greed & business. I AM A DEMOCRAT, BUSINESS OWNER & GUN OWNER….. YOU Seem to think all democrats are mooches.. THIS IS WHY YOU WILL NEVER WIN THE PRESIDENCY AGAIN…. AND GUESS WHAT … THE WORLD HAS NOT COME TO AN END & WILL NOT IN THE NEAR FUTURE SO GET ON WITH YOUR SAD, MEAN , ANGRY LIVES…YOU BLEED HATRED AND RACISM & THIS ELECTION SHOWED THAT YOUR BIBLE THUMPING AND Opinion STAPLES ONLY HURT YOUR SAD PARTY….

6 12 2012
My Pet Monster

People… this is clearly satire. It’s probably better to realize this and enjoy the entertainment value than get caught in the troll-snare.

27 05 2014

I know…it’s like…are you dumb because you got here by Google searching the idiotic things this guy is fake-supporting satirically that you support or are you even dumber for thinking this guy is serious and defending liberalism? I guess there are just stupid people on an side of a fence.

26 10 2013
Fangled Interwebs

This guy is the perfect troll and all the Republicans that actually think he is serious and agree with him makes it better.

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