Traitorous Authors Should Go To Jail

28 06 2008

There are two new books out from insiders in Saint Bush’s administration. The first is called What Happened by Scott McClelland, one of Saint Bush’s press secretaries. Saint Bush gives McClelland a great job, and how does he repay the greatest president in the history of time? By stabbing him in the back. I am not going to read this book and I recommend that no one buy this piece of sh*t. McClelland wants us to believe that Saint Bush oversold the American public on the war in Iraq and there was no hard evidence of WMD nor nuclear weapons in Iraq. Then he goes on to say that exposing Valerie Plume was a plot to silence her husband, who was another traitor.

There I said it. Scott McClelland is a TRAITOR. Not only is his book full of lies, but his heart has turned to stone. Doesn’t he realize that books of this sort add fuel to the liberal agenda which is killing this great country of ours? Saint Bush trusted this guy, and now he is helping the true enemy of the country, liberals.

But this is a rather bad month, because Alan Greenspan also came out with a book called The Age of Turbulence. Can you believe it? Alan Greenspan? He started as the Fed chairman under Ronald Reagan and oversaw the greatest economic expansion in the history of the country. Pretty good resume, right? WRONG. As it ends up, Greenspan is a liberal as well. Who would have thunk it? I really thought he was one of the good guys. In his book, he still tries to call himself a Republican. No way, buddy.

Greenspan’s book goes on to criticize Saint Bush’s handling of the economy. He even goes on to state that interest rates will go over 10% for the first time close to 40 years due to Saint Bush’s mishandling of the economy. He blames runaway government spending, a weak dollar, and a dead end energy policy. This is blasphemy. This guy should be in jail. Let’s be clear here people. Do not listen to this liberal stuff. The government is spending frugally, the dollar is strong, and the American energy policy is the best on the planet. We conservatives need to band together to protect ourselves from these lies.

Here’s the problem. Saint Bush trusted these men, and now they have betrayed much more than Saint Bush. They are betraying the country, and this only emboldens the terrorists. They must be stopped, and fortunately there is a law against this crap. It is called TREASON. We can now safely put these people in the same category as Benedict Arnold, Alger Hiss, and Judas. Despite the fact that these men have done the most heinous acts one can do to their country, I do not believe that they should be killed. An old southern style lynching might be in order though. Just kidding. We’re not allowed to do that anymore. Plus they are both white.

Seriously, both men should be incarcerated and not just a slap on the wrist. They need to understand that there are consequences for their actions. Furthermore, if we can handle this quickly it might stop or at least deter others from writing liberal propaganda against Saint Bush.



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1 07 2008
Bwana Redneck

Incarceration? No way! Traitors must be given the ultimate sanction: death. These two pussies are like rats jumping off a sinking ship. Just because the Bush Administration is collapsing doesn’t mean it’s time to jump ship! Good sailors go down with the ship. Those not willing to die side-by-side with their Captain should be tarred, feathered, and shot.

I just can’t believe that Greenspan guy thinks he knows more about the economy than our Glorious Leader! Bush was one of the most successful businessmen in the world, right? What’s this Greenspan guy ever done? He’s had his butt behind a federal desk for the past umpteen years, years when Bush was out creating millions of jobs and billions in profits in his own businesses. Who would you trust to run an economy–a bureaucrat who happens to be an economist, or a successful businessman?

And this Scotty McClellan dude? What kind of faggy name is that? He rides the Bush gravy train and then takes a piss in the gravy when he gets off it. I don’t care if everything Bush said was a lie. His goals were just. And it was McClellan’s job to tell those lies and stick with ’em no matter what. What kind of world would this be if politicians had to always tell the truth? The public needs to be lied to, and press secretaries are supposed to be especially good at it. We don’t need any more former Bush officials finding a “conscience” once they leave the White House. Stay on message: “Everything is Fine.”

20 07 2008
Redneck Astronomer

Why limit this to authors? There are enough traitors shooting off their traitorous mouths on TV (everywhere but FOX) and on the radio (e.g., Air America). Videotapes should be enough to hang them. I say get Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Sean Hannity together and let them make a list of folks to start with.

24 03 2011
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